Cannot re-set Connect

  • 7 September 2019
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I have a connect on my home network controlled by either phones or an ipad. My daughter has registered on the system and, because I don't know her password, I cannot access my system. I believe she has added something like a streaming service but I have no such subscriptions.

How can I re-access the system.

I have tried removing the software from the ipad and re-installing but find it simply requires the same, incorrect email address and password. Apart from the connect itself I have access to all the servers and can remove any data held.

Does this also mean that buying second hand connect or speaker is no longer viable unless you also have the password of the previous owner?

So- I cannot get beyond 'speaker setup' and am , to say the least, annoyed.

Mark Swift

2 replies

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Smart kid 🤣. Follow @jgatie‘s advice. Probably what your daughter did... this could become a vicious cycle. Better lay down some rules😁
Stop being annoyed, it is easily fixed. Follow the directions in this link to transfer your system to another account: