Can I use one Boost device with two separate systems: S1 and S2

  • 6 July 2020
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I want to set up two separate systems: S1 and S2.  I have  one BOOST  that is connected directly to my router. I have an external drive that holds my music connected directly to the router.  I have one S2 system set up (three 5 Players, two Three Players, Five One Players).  I am left with three Ist Gen 5 players that I want to put together to form a separate S1 system.  Can I run both systems - S1 and S2 - using the same BOOST device or do I need a second BOOST device?  I would like to use one system for outdoors playing and the other system for inside of the house.  I will need to have both systems able to play at the same time - one playing indoors and the other system playing outdoors for parties. Will this work?   I am not extremely high tech - I need guidance.   Thanks

2 replies

No, not to my knowledge. The BOOST will only connect to speakers running the same software version as it is running. If you’re going to run split systems, I’d recommend picking which one is running the BOOST, and simply wire to a speaker for the other system. I’d give some thought about making sure they’re on two different SonosNet channels, too. 

Note, both systems can use the same local library, if you have that, but they will not be able to be ‘grouped’ together for playback.