Can I add to Surround Sound Arc setup via Amp and in ceiling Speakers?

  • 4 June 2022
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I currently have an ARC soundbar, Sub, and Set of Ones surrounds setup. (Via eHDMI)

I have some unused in-ceiling speakers as well. If I buy an Amp and connect these via banana clips...will the original setup still function the same too?

Or do I loose the functionality of the Ones in order for the Amp to work with the other in-ceiling speakers? Note: this room is only used for watching TV, no music playing




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1 reply

No, you already have the maximum number of speakers allowed in a Sonos Home Theater setup.

If you wanted to, you could replace the Sonos One surrounds with the Amp powering the in ceiling speakers, and then you could use the Ones in some other room, just not as part of the home theater setup.