Bonding Sonos speakers with AMP

  • 16 January 2020
  • 1 reply


In my kitchen I have Sonos AMP with two speakers - attached to TV, and two stereo pair Sonos One also in kitchen.

I have them Grouped and listen to music or TV and works ok.

How can I create a more permanent Room Grouping covering all the speakers?

1 reply


Not so much permanent, but there are several things you can do that may assist to keep the Sonos grouped rooms in situ…

  1. In the Sonos Amp Room Settings under “Settings/System” in the Sonos App ensure that you disable the “Ungroup on Autoplay” feature.
  2. Keep all devices powered on and regroup rooms after updates.
  3. If using Amazon Alexa voice control with Sonos, set all devices in a single Alexa 'Enabled' Group and “prefer” all Sonos Rooms within that group. That way even if they do ungroup for any reason, then a voice instruction to play audio to any Sonos device will Group all speakers together automatically for you.

Finally as you are grouping ‘other’ Sonos Rooms with your Sonos Amp Home Theatre setup, you may want to consider exploring the TV Dialog Sync feature in the Amp Room Settings.. by sliding the slider bar a little across to the right, you may find the buffer delay will bring TV audio in sync with other ‘Grouped’ rooms and help prevent any echo when playing things like music audio etc. from Music Apps built into the TV (Spotify Deezer etc.) or such Apps on connected TV peripherals like a Fire-Stick or Apple TV.

Hope those few suggestions help to improve the Sonos experience for you.