Beat setup for music and home theater?

  • 9 June 2019
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(Header should be: *Best* setup for music and home theater?)

I currently have two Play 5 Gen2 with Sub in my living room. This setup is used both for listening to music and tv/movies.

As I see it, this speaker configuration is the best for music. But how can I extend my setup for the best movie experience as well?

I suspect that neither Playbar, Beam or Playbase will sound as good as my Play 5s for stereo music. And my Play 5s cannot be used in a home theatre setup, which is really sad. As I see it, the optimal solution would be as follows:

  • Centre channel: Beam
  • Right/Left: Play 5
  • Bass: Sub
  • Surround: Play 1 or One
Has Sonos really not consider this as an option?

I am considering a Playbar with Sub and two Play 1s as a decent setup, but would it not be a hassle to keep switching between Play 5s + Sub and this setup to get the best music and movie experiences in the same room?

Any thoughts and suggestions will be appreciated.


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