Analogue Stereo + 5.1

  • 11 March 2017
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Have been using SONOS in a simple form (PLAY:1) now and quite enjoy the system and am now looking at a full setup for the living room. I am looking to have full 5.1, bass, soundbar and 2 satellite speakers. This is easy enough however i am looking to integrate two speakers via the connect as the rear speakers. I would like to have these speakers be a stereo set for a turntable setup as well.

So the question is can i easily swap between the speakers being a rear part of a 5.1 and then the stereo pair for the turntable? Ideally this would be based on the input (TV vs. Turntable)

Most of these components dont exist yet, i am trying to plan it out.

Thanks for any help!

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1 reply

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To do what you want you would need a Connect:Amp for the surrounds. Unfortunately in that configuration the Line-in is disabled. So the clear answer is that you cannot easily switch between using those speakers as surrounds or playing your turn table.