Amp with projector/audio out

  • 17 November 2019
  • 6 replies

I’m hoping to use a Sonos amp with an Apple TV and a projector attached for both music and video. The projector I’m thinking of buying (Epson EW 5650) has no HDMI output. Its audio comes through a 35mm headphone out. Is there a converter that will connect up my system? Thanks!

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6 replies

Hi. You are looking at this completely the wrong way round.  You don’t want to take the audio from the projector (still less from a headphone socket).  You need to use some form of splitter / audio extractor so that the video goes to the projector and the audio goes direct to the Amp.

Thanks John. I was coming to that conclusion too! Will search for that kind of splitter rather than a different projector! J

So now I need help finding the right splitter. I think I need a 1x2 HDMI splitter that supports ARC. So the Apple TV HDMI our would go to the splitter which would then supply the projector (via HDMI) and the amp (via HDMI ARC). This seems to have been difficult for the Sonos Beam - can anyone recommend a good solution? Thanks

Alternatively do I use the optical adapter on the amp and find a splitter to provide HDMI to the projector (video) and optical to the amp. Is there any issue with syncing with this solution?

I don’t feel sufficiently expert to recommend exactly what you should do but maybe someone with greater expertise in this area will drop by.  I do know that projector users with Playbars have used HDMI splitters / extractors with optical output successfully.  Therefore I would be reasonably optimistic that this would work with the Amp by using the converter.  The converter should not introduce a noticeable lag.

The pure HDMI / HDMI-ARC solution might be superior, but I don’t know what is out there.  

The legal right to return goods bought online under the UK distance selling regulations means that you can experiment a bit at minimal financial risk - not that these things need be very expensive anyway.

It would be interesting and useful to learn what solution you find  - please post back when it is all sorted.

I’m setting up a similar system.

The video/audio splitters I’ve seem to have optical output. This would work if I converted it back into HDMI with the Sonos cable adapter (there’s no optical input on the amp). I’d like to avoid this extra conversion.

If I’m coming from a computer, or from an AppleTV, do I need to go to optical, or can I just plug one end of the split HDMI into the Amp. If so, what sort of specs am I looking for in the splitter?

The run to the projector is on the long side as well (35’) -- many splitters say 30’ is the limit.

This is proving to be strangely confusing. Thanks for any advice.