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  • 6 November 2014
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85 replies

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Can't see that it's much use to buy stuff - hardly the sort of thing you'd use to shop online.

If it's not Echo, something else will come along.... "play Maximo Park in the kitchen", "read out my emails", "dim the lounge lights". It'll get here eventually, one way of the other.

Don't fight the future, naysayer...! :D

I agree with the wired bit, though....that's just welcome to the invention of electricity!
It would be great though, if the Sonos app could integrate some of the voice control features. The Macronos app on Android has some voice control, but I haven't tried it out yet (although I use the app).
I hope Amazon open up the echo, it could be useful in the kitchen if it was capable of context / handoff to other devices (TVs, mobiles, Sonos, computers etc) and services; realistically it will be tied to the Amazon content ecosystem, so no complete. However at $99 little harm in trying it out.!
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But how often do people buy from Amazon? Surely having a device that's main use is to buy something verbally would only be used half a dozen times a year - do most people not research options and compare prices first, which they'd need to generally do on a computer/mobile device?!

I just think you're over cynical on it. It's the first iteration and as far as I'm aware hasn't even been launched yet, but whether it's Amazon or someone else, it looks to be an innovative new product that *may* actually make a difference *if* implemented properly - that's yet to be seen, but IMO it's good to see something different and fresh and potentially useful being released.

And on the Amazon eco-system issue, the Fire TV is hardly locked down to allow Amazon only content. You can use Spotify, Netflix and Plex amongst other on that, so that shows they're not against opening it up to other services.

From what I read there isn't much decent free/included TV/movie stuff on Prime that doesn't need additional payment for and that isn't already on Netflix with that cheap sub, and from my experience of using Amazon music player (I had a one year sub but didn't renew it as it was pretty poor) if they did only allow their own content it won't get very far!

It's certainly a very intersting device IMO, and where would we be if every new product was dismissed before it's even out.....?! 🙂
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I am curious how the speakers will sound with music. I have the Fire Tv and the voice commands using the remote are VERY handy when compared to always having to type. Would love to have it control Sonos but for $99, I can see having one in the kitchen (weather, lists, music, etc) and bedroom (alarm, light music, lists, weather, etc)
My guess is that the expected sales-angle is to sell more music, not other stuff... (All music you've ever bought on Amazon on CD or otherwise is already available to you to stream.) It's not a bad idea, and personally, I'd love to be able to control my Sonos verbally (reliably).
We make purchases from Amazon roughly an average of 2x a month. We're also Prime members.

I see no need for this product, especially since I'm already a happy Sonos customer.
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Just got one of these for a laugh(we use Amazon a lot for home and business). Doesn't seem to be much more than a standalone Siri. For now, musically, it is limited to Amazon Music and iHeart radio plus your music library. It reads the news which is something I would use and tells you the weather.

Music quality is very average. A Play 1 blows it away.

I'm hoping they will add one of the 'on demand' music services like Rhapsody or Beats so that you can play the tracks you like rather than a radio station.

It would be way cool to control Sonos by voice though. Sonos should seriously look at an add on that would work like Echo to control the system.

Amazon promises updates. I'll let y'all know.
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The Verge has reviewed Amazon Echo here:
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I got an Echo and I have to say that I am totally digging it. If it could be used to control SONOS I would be ecstatic!

The voice control for music is great. Pause, Play, Stop, Next Track, Volume up. All without having to pick anything up. It's a savior in the kitchen (which is where we have it). I can ask it cooking questions (measurements and such). My daughter (who has special needs) uses it to help with homework: basic arithmetic and spelling, as well as some geography.

I have a HUGE library that I have uploaded to Amazon. The voice recognition still needs work. If there's an album/song/artist with the same name (Talk Talk being one...) then it isn't quite sure what you want to hear. The sound isn't nearly as good as SONOS players (I have two 5s, two 3s and 1) but it's not awful either. For radio it's pretty decent.

Paying $100 was a good deal. Not sure I'd pay $200 for it (which I believe will be the actual price). But if it could control my SONOS system....