Airplay 2: from Sonos to Mac?


Hello. I’m considering adding an Airplay 2 compatible Sonos device to my system. 

Does anyone know if it’d be possible to use Airfoil Satellite on my Mac to receive an Airplay 2 audio feed from my Sonos system? Here’s the use case:  connecting my turntable to either a Sonos Port or Sonos Five, and then accessing that audio feed on my Mac to digitize some LPs.


Rogue Amoeba support seemed to think this should work.


Thank you!

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No, Sonos is an AirPlay 2 receiver, it does not send an AirPlay 2 signal.

If you had a Port, you could connect the analog output from the Port to the analog input on your Mac (mic input) and digitize that way, though.