2 ZP90 Zone Players with Different Sonos Playlists

  • 16 July 2018
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Can I have 2 separate ZP90 zone players on the same physical network (wired ethernet) with:
(a) each assigned a different IP address
(b) more importantly, can each have it's OWN UNIQUE Sonos playlists different from one another

Since Sonos has refused to provide the most basic feature of any software product, export & import of SONOS playlists for backup purposes, I have brought the ZP90 from home location #2 to home location #1.

If I connect ZP90 home location #2, which has different playlists, what will be the result in the Sonos applications?

Will I get:
(a) one playlist set on both ZP90's or
(b) both playlist sets merged onto each ZP90 or
(c) only 1 playlist set and is there any way to force which has primary precedence to duplicate to the other ZP90

P.S. I know this issue of backup of playlists has been around forever and Sonos just ignores. The poor person who has a zone player die and has to replace is SOL (sh.. outa lu..) which is ludicrous. All the hard work and effort to create playlists has been lost.

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5 replies

If the two ZPs were originally set up as members of the same system, and subsequently separated, then putting them back together again will have unknown results. You could end up with one or two sets of playlists.

If the two ZPs have never been members of the same system they won't talk to one another at all.
The 2 ZP90's have never been members of the same system, home location #1, home location #2.

Now they will be in the same location, home location #1.
So does this mean they will keep SEPARATE playlists?

Thanks for your reply.
In @ratty's second scenario you would have to choose which device's playlists to keep and factory reset the other device.

Playlists exist at system level but are held on every player. So the replacement of a failed player only loses playlists in a single player system.
You could maintain them as separate systems in one home, but I don't imagine that is what you had in mind. It would need separate control and no grouping would be possible.
My Thanks to Ratty & John B for you comments.
John B you are so right in that I do not want to have separate system in one home.
Final result is pretty much what I figured would most likely be the outcome, no way to have 2 separate playlists on one system.