2 TVs into one Beam

  • 20 June 2019
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Hi, I am wondering if anyone can help me.

I am building a new house and I am planning to have 2 TVs in my games room for watching sport / music videos etc. I want to mount one Sonos Beam under the TVs and (other than keep swapping cables) be able to switch between the two TVs as to which sound is being played by the Beam.

I understand the situation with the HDMI ARC and so my question is, can I use a HDMI matrix with two HDMI inputs and one HDMI output to achieve this.

Each TV would have a HDMI cable from the ARC port on the TV going into the inputs on the HDMI switch. There would then be another HDMI cable from the output on the switch into the Beam. I would switch between the 2 using the remote for the switch.

Would this work? I presume I would need to find a switch which supports ARC.

Thanks in advance

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1 reply

I doubt that this could work as planned, but you should check with proposed HDMI switch manufacturers.

One scheme that would work is to use TOSLINK output from the TV's and a TOSLINK selector. If you use BEAM, you would need the TOSLINK to HDMI converter. PLAYBAR would directly work with this scheme. Note that you would need to use IR or a SONOS controller for Volume control when using PLAYBAR or BEAM.

Just another detail to keep track of -- how do you propose to individually control the TV's and their sources? For example, if you have TV's from the same manufacturer, their IR remotes will send commands to the 'other' set too. Some cable boxes use RF remotes that can be paired to a particular box. In this case you would have individual remotes for each box. Also, some TV's use paired RF remotes.

RF remotes can usually send IR commands too, but one will need to be creative. One must claim to all of the RF remotes that they should also send IR Volume commands to the same fictional A/V system. The SONOS unit would then be trained to respond these Volume commands.